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In this guide, you will actually be learning all about professional gambling and what they are not going to tell you, because they considered to be some secrets that they cannot reveal. You will also be getting to know about some stories and snippets as to how you can be good at gambling.


You may even get nudged to be a professional gambler, even though the entire concept is tricky, because you can’t be a professional at something that is all based on chances, and still expect to be a millionaire at the end of the day. To be a professional gambler, you need to be an expert at playing multiple games which are all based on luck, chance and skill. Skill is something that you can master, but luck is not in our hands.

One minute, you could literally be winning thousands of dollars, and the next minute you could end up losing $10,000. Therefore, I have to say that it is a very risky business, because you would be investing a lot of money into it and you will have no assurances as to whether you might get it back or not.

Let me tell you a story about a man called Don Johnson who ended up winning $15 million playing casino games like blackjack and poker. He won this amount in one entire month at more than two casinos in Atlantic City. What you can take away from the story is that, things like this actually happen in real life, but it is truly a one in a million chance. He was not a professional gambler, but he didn’t know what he was doing. He did not cheat. There were some investigations on him, and it was proven that he did not use any illegal methods to win. He didn’t make use of any complicated card counting techniques either.

When he was asked how he ended up winning so much money, he smiled, and he said all he needed were two things, and these two things were as follows:

  1. A good plan
  2. An unbelievable set of skills.

Since then, he has been enjoying life. Casino owners have been trying to get a meeting with him.

Let me tell you, every single day; people walk on to the casino floor attempting to be the next Don Johnson. This is not at all counting the amount of people who do the same thing on the internet with online casinos. A lot of people go on their laptops, go on the casino sites, to try and win some money. Some people are so invested in winning money, that they forget about having fun and being entertained. A lot of professional gamblers do not make a single dollar in the first few hours, but after some time, they end up making hundreds of dollars. It all depends on timing and luck. Yet, scores of people keep going back to casinos, and they still keep chasing these dreams. I wonder what makes them tick!

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