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How Casinos Have Been Enabling Addicts

Casino gambling addiction is one of the worst types of addiction that a person can get. Addiction is something that latches on to you and does not let go for years on end, unless you get help. For people who don’t get help, addiction is something that completely takes over their lives. Their everyday life is completely affected. The addiction affects their relationships, their jobs, their financial health, their mental health, their physical health and almost every single other aspect of their lives.

Well, you need to understand that casinos are places that are always open. Just because casinos are open and running, does not mean you have to be in there all the time. You need some downtime; the casino doesn’t.

When a gambling addict is not able to restrict himself from going to a casino, that is when he needs to get help. Lots of modern slot machines have developed an unbreakable hold on a lot of players, some of them will actually end up losing their jobs, family members and almost every single penny that they have, to gambling addiction which is caused by slot machines.

Many people have a certain image of a casino, and this is definitely borrowed from Hollywood movies, and our own experiences as well. We have registered the term “Vegas, baby!” into our heads and we have built it up and made a huge deal.

When we hear the storm, we are picturing high-rollers who stroll into the casinos with heavy and deep pockets, which are filled with bills, looking like they just fell out of a Louis Vuitton advertisement. But, that’s not real life. That is not something that we can live up to, the average man. The average man cannot afford to lose thousands of dollars every single day, just to gamble. The casino and gambling industry is completely dependent on people being vulnerable, and the vulnerability is completely taken advantage of by the casinos.

Casinos actually require people who are probably addicted to gambling and these are the ones who will make it very lucrative for the casino, because these people shell out every single dollar they have, to keep gambling. Some people even borrow money and gamble with money that isn’t even theirs. These addicts keep gambling and casino keeps profiting from it and keeps enabling them as well. How a casino enables gambling addicts is very sinister indeed.

I am sure you have noticed that the casino has no clocks or windows. Have you ever wondered why?

You may have also noticed one more thing; as soon as you enter a casino and as soon as you sit down, a cocktail is brought to you, free of cost. Casinos enable gambling addicts by getting them drunk and making sure they stay inside the casino longer. They want these people to keep gambling with lowered inhibitions. These are subtle ways that casinos make sure that people stay inside and keep gambling, no matter what.

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