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4 Indian Celebrities Who Love Playing Poker

There are many card games in a casino, and out of all, Poker is the one that stands out from the lot. Not only because it is an amalgam of both skills and luck, but also because of the house edge has the casino offered on this game. The players wager a certain amount on every hand, which also depends on the rules of the specific game. Not only in other countries, is Poker also a favourite among many Indian celebrities.

It has also depicted to be a style statement for any of the Bollywood stars, of which many plays for entertainment and the others are also professionals in the card game. The passion for Poker is increasing day by day and spread across the Indian cinema industry as well. In this article, we will discuss four Indian celebrities who love playing Poker:

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The Dhangal-star is famous for the extraordinary movies he makes, which has not failed to increase his fan base with every film. This also proves his exceptional earnings through all his movies. The actor also has a flair for Poker that is in trend with the increasing poker standards. Aamir Khan has also admitted that he loves playing the game online. To play poker online it is important that you find a reputable, safe and secure poker room. will help you find the best place for you to strengthen your game.  He loves the game so much that the actor also arranges for poker parties at home, with stakes anywhere between rs5 to 5 lakhs. His Union park Bungalow consists of 5 poker tables, that entertains co-actors, directors and producers often.


Poker has no gender. The game welcomes all kinds of people and from all social statues. Minissha Lamba is an example for that. The actors has appeared in many South Indian movies as well as various Bollywood movies. Apart from the fame and many titles she’s won, Poker is also one of her favourite past times, and she confesses that she loves to play the game.


Shahid Kapoor

The Jab, We Met actor, has made noise throughout his career in the Bollywood film industry and has gained a huge fan base because of his acting skills alone. The Bollywood actor has not only been in the news for his acting skills, but also for his poker skills. His passion for the game was discovered when he was spotted with Harman Baweja over Poker. He also organizes long night games, which is more like a fun meet up to increase his skillset among his friends and have a fun night.

Harman Baweja

He is a doctor by profession, Harman Baweja is a 35-year-old hunk who has also acted in quite a few Hindi movies. He was also in the headlines a few years back for his closeness with Priyanka Chopra and Bipasha Basu. The actor has admitted for his newfound passion for Poker. He has fresh scores against his friends on his poker tourneys. He had also secured a spot in the IPC 10K Freezeout in December 2010. He’s also finished 7th in the December 2011 IPC 30K event and won 90K. Remember Shahid Kapoor’s alley in Jab we Met. After the movie, he was spotted several times with him, over a game of Poker.

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