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The Best Indian Gambling Movies of all Time

The Indian film industry may not have a long list of movies about gambling, but it still manages to make it to the list with a few. These specific movies have been able to utilize the theme and put it into action. As a result, the audiences were exposed to a new world that reeked of the many pleasures of gambling. So to offer you with a similar experience, we are going to talk about the best Indian Gambling movies ever to hit the big screen. Hence, go ahead and read the following list.

1. Teen Patti

Released in the year 2010, Teen Patti is a Bollywood film that starred Amitabh Bachchan, Ben Kingsley, Shraddha Kapoor, and R. Madhavan in significant roles. The movie was the right combination of mathematics and gambling, and the performances were convincing enough to display the same on-screen. Be it Amitabh Bachchan’s Venkat Subramanian or Ben Kinglsey’s Perci Trachtenberg; people were able to witness magic, thanks to the efforts of filmmaker Leena Yadav. Due to that all, Teen Patti will always be known as one of the best Indian movies to portray the art of gambling.

Teen Patti

2. The Great Gambler

Amitabh Bachchan was never new to the aspect of gambling as he was the main lead in the 1979 hit movie, “The Great Gambler”. Apart from him, the film also starred Zeenat Aman, Neetu Singh and Prem Chopra. The action/thriller was directed by Shakti Samanta and talked about how a gambler works for the villain without being aware of his master plan. Due to the course of action or the path through which the movie travels, audiences were engaged and thrilled till the last minute.

3. Gambler

Gambler is another great Bollywood movie that told the story of inspector Dayashankar Pandey. The 1971 film revolved around more than a single concept, as it takes you through the world of gangsters, violence, and gambling. While the star cast looked filled with Shilpa Shetty, Govinda, Aditya Pancholi and Gulshan Grover, it was filmmaker Dayal Nihalani who stole the show. His imagination and the art of putting it into the picture was credited, and people loved the movie.


4. Striker

With a long list of music directors and actors, Striker went ahead to create a spectacle on screen. The movie revolves around Surya, who was played by the talented star, Siddharth. His struggles and efforts to become a carrom champion and later make money out of the same were well documented to fit into a complete package. So if you want to watch a perfect entertainer, then this particular movie will be able to help you out. Hence, that sums up our list of the best Indian gambling movies of all time.

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